After 2 years of research and development phase we developed our Malatech ELBA Intensified Biological Smartpool System, which naturally improves water quality, and takes care about algae and pathogenic bacteria control in swimming pools and ponds without the application of harmful chemicals. By establishing an environment which keeps beneficial microbes at a constant and controlled number in the system we are now able to establish and maintain the natural self-purification processes happening in healthy unharmed natural freshwater lakes in any swimming pools and ponds.

The heart of Malatech ELBA Intensified Biological Smartpool System is an automated bioreactor with filter media where biological water treatment happens by naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

If you choose to become a Malatech ELBA owner:

  • you provide a healthy, chemical-free, naturally clean water for you and your family in your swimming pool – no more skin and respiratory irritation because of hazardous chemicals!
  • water treatment happens in 100% biological way (in Regular and BioBoost circulation modes).
  • high corrosion rate caused by chemicals on the swimming pool’s architecture, mechanical, and electrical parts significantly decline.
  • algae control will be executed 100% naturally in a biological way (in Regular and BioBoost circulation modes).
  • control of pathogenic bacteria and viruses happen in 100% natural way through microbial competition (in Regular and BioBoost circulation modes).
  • despite the complex, and well-equipped system of Malatech ELBA the energy consumption of your system will still be low.
  • your valuable time spent on the daily operation and maintenance of your swimming pool will significantly decrease thanks to your Malatech ELBA smartpool system.
  • Malatech ELBA is a low footprint machine which will not consume much from your garden’s area. The entire system fits in a small pit.
  • We created Malatech ELBA in a way that it can be retrofitted to existing swimming pools and ponds with minimal construction work by substituting the existing circulation system. We can make your system Malatech ELBA compatible!
  • Automated smartpool functions, remote control, iOS, Android app