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Our materials’ and machines’ MSRP pricelist can be found in our Download menu, as well as our questionnaires where you can find the suitable one for your project. Once you provide us the necessary data about your wastewater treatment plant, digester, freshwater lake, we are ready to help you in due course, by providing you the necessary information about the products recommended to use at your system, as well as dosages in case of biotechnological addons, location, and number of machines where our machines are needed, and achievable targets with our technologies. The questionnaires are in Word format, once you downloaded, and filled them with as much information as possible, please do not hesitate to send us by e-mail, or from our website’s Contact menu, where you can send us text message, as well as you can attach files, photos to your message.

Questionnaires are only available yet for wastewater, anaerobic digestion, and freshwater projects. If you are interested in our other applications, or you just do not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.