Optimization of Stabilization Ponds, Nature Close WWTP’s and Anaerobic Ponds

Operation of stabilization ponds and nature close WWTP’s are very difficult, it is very hard to keep these kinds of treatment systems under proper control. We undertake to optimize these systems, improve the effluent quality, break down oil & grease, remove odors, control blooming of algae, ensure the optimal dissolved oxygen concentration, and reduce sludge. We ensure the necessary circulation of water in the pond, so we establish constantly renewing surface, besides we dose the special, all natural bacteria-enzyme-nutrient-vitamin complex to enhance and boost the microbiology responsible for the treatment of wastewater. As a result we offer a simple and economical solution for all the problems which can occur in these systems.

The advantages of our technology:

  • Elimination of existing and prevention of further algae blooms
  • Reduction of sludge
  • Intensification of the aerobic and anaerobic zones of the pond
  • Odor removal
  • Enhanced effluent COD removal
  • Enhanced effluent BOD removal
  • Enhanced effluent NH4-N removal, intensification of nitrification even in colder climates below 12 Celsius
  • Enhanced effluent NO3-N removal, intensification of denitrification processes
  • Enhanced effluent TP removal, intensification of biological Phosphorus removal
  • Full bioremediation of anaerobic ponds and sludge storing basins