Optimization and Capacity Increase for Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

We undertake to optimize municipal and industrial WWTP’s, increase their capacity and reach better effluent values in case of every parameter without any modification of the current design or further constructional investments. Every wastewater and every WWTP are different, that’s why we treat every customer and WWTP in a unique way. This unique treatment process covers the technology itself used, and it covers also the composition of the specific enzyme-microbe-additional material complex required. The latter are always prepared for the proper purpose.

With our unique technology we optimize the composition of the activated sludge, and enhance the metabolism of the bacteria. The advantages of our technology in case of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants containing biological step(s):

  • Enhanced effluent COD removal
  • Enhanced effluent BOD removal
  • Enhanced effluent NH4-N removal, intensification of nitrification even in colder climates below 12 Celsius
  • Enhanced effluent NO3-N removal, intensification of denitrification processes
  • Enhanced effluent TP removal, intensification of biological Phosphorus removal
  • Elimination of existing and prevention of further filamentous bulking
  • Reduction in excess sludge
  • Optimized Oxygen consumption of microbes, so less air needed
  • Much less plant operational costs
  • Odor removal

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