Lake/Oxbow/Pond Bioremediation & Aquaculture

We undertake to restore the ecological balance of natural or artificial still waters without the use of chemicals or any other harmful man-made materials.

As a result of the remediation process:

  • We restore and stabilize the necessary dissolved oxygen level in the water, so the constant threat of dissolved oxygen caused fish-water animal death will be over after the treatment
  • After addition of microorganisms to the water, they will immediately begin to multiply and work to remove harmful decaying sludge that has accumulated from years of fish waste, dead plants, leaves and many other organic materials, as a result dredging of sludge from the bottom which is very expensive should not be done anymore. Every microbe culture we use is absolutely harmless to human or aquatic life. The Bacteria degrade the organic matter to Carbon Dioxide and water.
  • We keep the algae number under control, so the constant threat of overgrowth of algae will disappear, which is a usual symptom in the hot summer months.
  • We decrease the Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate concentration in the water, besides we immobilize the excess Phosphorus, so it will be unavailable for water plants. As a result another usual symptom will disappear, the overgrowth of aquatic plants (mainly reed grass species).
  • We decrease the pollution of the water by removing both dissolved and suspended pollutants by biological degradation.
  • We boost the immunity of water animals with natural enzymes, as a result they will become more resistant against diseases.

After the treatment the water’s ecological balance will be restored, it will be in a state where it should be without the harmful influence of civilization.

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