Biotechnological Optimization of Anaerobic Digesters


Malatech Water Ltd. undertakes biotechnological optimization of both agricultural waste, and sewage sludge processing biogas digesters. The optimization is carried out by the application of biotechnological products Bioclean STP and BioBooster Micro.

Microorganism-enzyme complex Bioclean STP, as described in details in our product overview, intensifies the four main processes of anaerobic digestion (hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis, and methanogenesis).  Thereby, it provides a decent increase of biogas yield considering constant technological settings, input composition and amount of daily feed.

In addition, the product provides the control of digester foaming, a common operational problem of anaerobic digesters. It happens due to the rapid breakdown of foaming agents like oils, detergents, or decomposition byproducts of filamentous bacterial cells.

As a result of the treatment, Hydrogen Sulfide concentration in the biogas is significantly reduced. On one hand, it prevents the reactor’s microbial community from Hydrogen Sulfide’s inhibiting impact, and decreases its corrosion effect, enhancing the life expectancy of mechanical and electrical parts of the system.

Digesters treated with Bioclean STP have a higher resistance against toxic and inhibiting impacts and more easily adapt to changes of input materials  (which is a common difficulty of agricultural waste processing digesters). It also provides faster system regeneration after toxic shocks.

Biotechnological treatment is supplemented with dosing of BioBooster Micro, a product that contains vitamins, micronutrients and trace elements that are essential for anaerobic bacteria.

Optimization of input composition and operational parameters like reactor temperature and mixing are essential for maximizing biogas yield and ensuring stable operation. Depending on our Costumer’s demands, besides biotechnological optimization we provide professional tech support, technological consulting and constant monitoring of the plant and its performance.

Benefits of our services:

  • Increasing and stabilized biogas yield
  • Reduced Sulfide and Hydrogen Sulfide concentration, both in the liquid phase of the reactor and in biogas
  • Foam control
  • More stable operation, rapid system regeneration after toxic shocks and inhibitory impacts
  • Professional tech support, and technological consulting