Interszerviz, Ltd. /Member Of Waberer’s Group/ – Remediation of mineral oil and gasoline polluted concrete surfaces

Interszerviz, Ltd. Is the truck service company of the Waberer’s group. The Environmental Authority was about to do a checking in September 2007. In the area of the service oil pollution could be found in a couple of places on the concrete. The leadership of Interszerviz asked us to solve the problem before the Environmental Authority’s check.

After supplying the material, and giving the instructions of use for SOS5300 Hydrocarbon to the service staff we had 9 days to solve the pollution problem. In case of fresh oil spots, the SOS5300 Hydrocarbon removed the pollution in 1-2 days, while in case of older oil spots where the pollution penetrated deeply into the concrete the process lasted 6-7 days, spraying the SOS5300 Hydrocarbon onto the polluted surface 2-3 times during the treatment.

For the time the authority came for checking the entire area of the service was free from oil and gasoline pollutions.