Nyírségvíz, Inc. – Odor removal in municipal wastewater raising stations

In the spring of 2007. Malatech Water, Ltd. was asked by Nyírségvíz, Inc. to help to solve odor problems occuring in the common consecutive sewage system of 3 settlements. The problematic odor of the rotting wastewater occurred especially in the surroundings of the last raising station of each settlement. From the start of addition of C5 Odor Neutralizer the professionals of Nyírségvíz together with the local inhabitants had been checking the efficiency of the product through 20 days.

For the prevention of forming odor causing compounds we have been dosing the material into the first and the second settlement’s final raising stations.

Dosing: 3.44 l of C5 Odor Neutralizer alltogether / day

Nyírségvíz had set the measuring zones 1 m from the problematic raising stations‘ fence. They had checked odor 2 times a day considering the morning/evening peak flows at 8.30 AM and 8.00 PM.

There had been 160 checks during the 20 days with the following results:

  • in 114 cases there were completely no odor
  • in 42 cases the odor was slightly smellable
  • in 1 case the odor was disturbing, and in 3 other cases the smell of animal waste could be observed which was thought to be some illegal use of the sewage system by some local inhabitants.

In the past, before addition of the C5 Odor Neutralizer the usual situation was the following:

  • in 1/3 of the cases the odor was really disturbing for the inhabitants
  • in 2/3 of the cases the odor was slightly disturbing for the inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the settlements reported that the odor problems has been solved in the 3 settlements since the addition of C5 Odor Neutralizer started.