Dunapack ZRt. – Odor removal – C5 Odor Neutralizer

The paper mill of Dunapack ZRt. in Budapest produces 3000 m 3 /day mostly industrial wastewater with an average COD value app. 5,000 – 6,000 mg/l. The factory has an old wastewater treatment plant which is available only for physical treatment only. The system consists of a bar screen, a grit removal zone & 2 clarifiers. The COD of the treated wastewater released into the sewage system is around 3,000 mg/l. Before the change of the political system in Hungary (1989) the production of the factory was around 6 times the current, and of course the amount of the produced wastewater as well. Every part of the wastewater treatment plant was designed to that load which means the operation of the system is very under loaded nowadays.

As a result of the hot water (~35 Celsius), the high organic load and the more than 12 hour hydraulic retention time of the wastewater in the clarifiers, very strong odor disturbs the workers of the facility and the inhabitants living in the surrounding housing estates.

In October 2006 the effect of C5 Odor Neutralizer was tested in laboratory scale, and the test ended with rather positive results. The product removed the odor of the rotting wastewater immediately, and it stopped the formation of odorous compounds for the test period (30 hours).

The test was followed by industrial scale use, and since then 24 l/day of C5 Odor Neutralizer has been added with a metering pump in-line to the inlet pipe. When starting addition of the product the main source of odors, the 2nd clarifier was shock-fed with 38 l of the product. Significant decrease in odor was experienced after 1 day the addition had started both in the area of the factory and among the housing estates nearby. Our Engineers are continuously checking the system, but since the start of operation no modification has been needed with the dosing design, odor has not occurred.