Budapest Sewage Works, Ltd. – Laboratory scale test for measuring direct odor removal efficiency of C5 Odor Neutralizer

Research & Development Laboratory of Budapest Sewage Works, Ltd. has tested direct H2S removal efficiency of C5 Odor Neutralizer before industrial scale use. Experiments were done with the instruments shown in the photo, 4 parallel apparat, room temperatures established. Efficiency of the C5 Odor Neutralizer was tested with the excess water of Southern Pest Municipal WWTP’s sludge digester (COD ˜ 2,000 mg/l). The parallel samples H2S release containing various amounts of C5 Odor Neutralizer was compared with a reference bottle’s H2S release containing only a sample without C5 addition.

The samples‘ volume were 500 ml each. The Sulphide content of the samples were increased with 7,000 mg/l Na2S solution addition. Every bottle was followed by a gas cleaner vessel where the H2S was caught with Cd acetate solution (5 ml was added from a 5% m/m% solution) forming CdS in the chemical reaction. The yellow color of the CdS can be exactly seen in the photo in case of the reference bottle without C5 addition.

The gas was driven out from the bottles by N2 flow (1-2 bubbles/sec speed) for 3 hours till the color of the solution in the reference’s gas cleaner vessel became constant.

Photo 1 – Experiment apparat

The first experiments were done in May 2007. with the addition of 40 ml/l of C5 to the bottles resulted up to 90% reduction in the H2S production.

Photo 2 – Colors of the sulphide catching liquids (yellow is the reference without C5)

During the second experiments in July 2007. the speed of sulphide binding was measured. After addition an immediate effect could be observed in sulphide reduction. 15 minutes after addition the sulphide reduction was measured 63% while after 30 minutes it was varying between 70%-85%.