Lake Priszpa /Madaras/

Madarasi Priszpa-tó

The Priszpa Lake is situated in southern Hungary near the Serbian border, and it is known as a beautiful fishing lake which is rich of fish. The local fisher’s association which is responsible for the lake management had been struggling in the past summers to stop heavy algae blooms which was due to high nutrient penetration from the agricultural lands nearby. Yearly sludge production of the lake is very high due to the huge amounts of algae produced and died each year. Due to this fact the width of the sludge layer is rather high, the sludge itself is unstable, rotting with a high odorous gas (mainly Hydrogen Sulphide) production.

Bioremediation of the lake has started in June 2007. has resulted a big improvement in case of improving water quality, stabilizing DO balance and the sludge zone. According to local anglers the disturbing odor had been initially decreased after the first treatment, and after the 3rd this year, it has been totally removed. Besides the lake has survived algae blooming this year due to the treatment. The fact that the nutrient penetration from the soil and groundwater is continuous, and the initial total algae count was rather high, the pace of bioremediation has been decreased. The nutrients are released from the cell mass when algae dying. Despite the hindering factors, we have reached a reasonable success in every terms of water quality, as the table below shows.

MADARAS PRISZPA LAKE 20th June 2007 07th October 2007
Ammonium mg/l 0,31 0,20
Free Ammonia mg/l 0,003
Nitrite mg/l 0,18 0,09
Nitrate mg/l 24,5 13,5
Ortophosphate mg/l 0,52 0,29
Total Algae Count / ml 31 520 18 201