Lake Öregpotyka /Ludányhalászi/

Ludányhalászi - Öregpotyka-tó

The lake is a former gravel mine pit with an area of about 30 hectares. The fisher’s association responsible for the lake management has searched us with a very serious fish kill problem in July 2007. All species were affected in this fish kill which was due to a very serious lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. Due to the immediate response and quick work from our side, on the 2nd day of the first treatment the fish kill has stopped as the DO levels started to stabilize. As a result of the intensive treatment in August 2007. beautiful and healthy water was waiting for the anglers. The DO restoration, and the water quality data are shown in the tables below.

LUDÁNYHALÁSZI 14th July 2007 25th September 2007
Ammonium mg/l 0,14
Free Ammonia mg/l
Nitrite mg/l 0,07
Nitrate mg/l 9,5
Ortophosphate mg/l 0,18
Total Algae Count / ml 12 520
Dissolved Oxygen Concentration
14th July 2007
1st treatment
31st July 2007
2nd treatment
11th September 2007
3rd treatment
top-0.5 m 8.35mg/l 10. 59 mg/l 10.51 mg/l
1.5 m 6.31 mg/l 5.65 mg/l 10.5 mg/l
3 m (max. depth = 8 m!!!) 1.22 mg/l 4.90 mg/l 10.3 mg/l