Lake Berekfürdő


The lake is a part of a camping, recreational area and bath based on thermal water, which is very famous amongst Hungarian, Central and Eastern European tourists. The lake with its etc. 1 hectare area was created for ensuring a possibility for angling for tourists of the bath and camping, and for the local inhabitants. The outlet of the thermal water feeds the lake, so the continuous water exchange is ensured. The nutrient load the lake is getting is partly municipal wastewater penetration, partly originated to the used bath water. In the past years algae blooms could be stopped only by chemical addition.

The bioremediation of the lake that has started in June 2007. resulted that the lake this season has not been struggling with algae blooms. Besides the trophic state defining parameters have improved as the table shows below. Unfortunately since the load of the feeding water cannot be controlled, the progress of bioremediation is hindered.

BEREKFÜRDŐ 21st June 2007. 08th October 2007.
Ammonium mg/l 0,28 0,24
Free Ammonia mg/l
Nitrite mg/l 0,07 0,06
Nitrate mg/l 17,2 13,2
Ortophosphate mg/l 0,29 0,21
Total Algae Count / ml 28 520 9 820