Lake Bánk


The Bánk Lake is very favoured for tourists from all over Hungary and Central European Countries. The local government of settlement Bánk is paying a lot of attention to keep up and improving the tourism, and the lake is undoubtly the most attracting force. The ecological balance of the lake had been broken several years ago. Due to massive nutrient penetration from municipal and agricultural source the lake had been struggling with heavy algae blooms throughout the past summers which had had a significant effect in the number of tourists visiting Bánk, and swimming in the lake each summer. Restoring this broken ecological balance was essential for the settlement.

Bioremediation of the lake has started in early June 2007. We have realized that the conditions were very favourable for starting the procedure which has had a very positive effect on the improvement throughout the season. On the day the first treatment was done the total algae count was quite low, we have caught the lake before the early summer algae bloom. During the summer of 2007. there has been no algae blooming observed, the Secchi depth has been varying from 65 cm – 125 cm. We have measured the state of the lake quite often throughout the procedure since the local government has ordered bluegreen algae control as well by installing a SolarBee machine. Trophic state defining parameters has changed as it is shown in the table below.

Bánk Lake 18th June 2007. 10th August 2007.
Ammonium mg/l 0,22 0,14
Free Ammonia mg/l 0,01
Nitrite mg/l 0,21 0,09
Nitrate mg/l 28,2 10,5
Ortophosphate mg/l 0,22 0,11
Total Algae Count / ml 18 231 6 500

Pathogenic survey 12th June 2007 3rd July 2007 24th July 2007 7th August 2007
Coliform no./ 100 ml 800 400 430 400
E. Coli no. / 100 ml 250 20 30 40
Enterococcus no.
/ 100 ml
30 70 40 0