Kőrösi Holding, Inc. – Composting of raw wastewater sludge

The wastewater pond system of city Nagykőrös is operated by Kőrösi Holding, Inc. The sludge which is produced by the physical pretreatment and primary clarification of the municipal-food processing raw wastewater. After composting, the sludge is disposed as waste in a surrounding disposal area.

The compost piles are covered and aerated. Before starting the procedure the porosity of the sludge is increased with dry organic materials. Since the dewatered sludge production is continuous, the composting procedure lasts for 30 days while the new pile is under collection. The volume of the piles are defined by several years of experience. Since the raw material of the composting is raw wastewater sludge, the odor problems have been continuous.

The operator has asked the optimization of the composting procedure from us when calling Malatech Water, Ltd. In September 2007. The goals were to fasten the organic breakdown in the composting process, by this decreasing the volume of the pile after composting and before disposal to decrease the transporting costs, and odor removal.

By frequently adding Bioclean Compost in low amounts to the raw material at the very beginning in the so called „collection period“ resulted that the organic breakdown had been initiated for the time the composting procedure of the pile started. The result is a better quality, lower volume pile after the procedure, and nearly total odor removal.