Bioclean product range

Bioclean TM – Industrial  and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Biodegradation is the Earth’s natural process of converting organic matter into environmentally safe by-products including water, carbon dioxide and methane gas. This process is accomplished through naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Although these micro-organisms are naturally occurring, certain extraneous factors may not be conducive to proper growth of these microbes or for the reduction of organic compounds. For instance, nutrient levels, presence of chemicals and atmospheric conditions (viz. variations in temperature, oxygen, and pH levels) can adversely affect growth of these micro-organisms.

Bioclean TM is available in dry concentrate bacterial formulations, specially designed to provide improved waste degradation in wastewater treatment. Each gram of the product contains up to 4 billion microbes. There are up to 76 different strains of bacteria in each Bioclean TM product, depending upon the formulation type, which can biodegrade very diverse types of molecules. The microorganisms in Bioclean TM are supported on the porous surface of a special inert dry media. This special technology provides them with extraordinary durability against aggressive and toxic mediums. The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and safe.

Bioclean TM cultures are specifically formulated to resolve problems in wastewater systems receiving high-strength effluents. These microbes are really tough! They have been selectively adapted through a scientific process that develops the bacteria and allows them to degrade tough and toxic compounds that would normally overwhelm naturally occurring bacteria. The Bioclean TM Series is designed to make good systems operate better and significantly improve conditions in problematic effluent treatment plants, as a result it decreases the amount of fee must be paid for exceeding the effluent concentration limits set by the law. These microbes increase the efficiency of the plants without the need for increasing plant capacity, thereby saving electricity costs.

Benefits of Bioclean TM :

  • Digests difficult compounds that are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria or existing generic bacteria.
  • Provides rapid breakdown of difficult-to-degrade substances viz. surfactants, fats, oils, sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds etc.
  • Cultures grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen.
  • Bioclean TM performs efficiently in effluents having high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • No modification of the current process required.
  • Low treatment cost. Increases efficiency of the treatment plant and saves energy costs. Typically costs a fraction of a cent to treat a litre of effluent.
  • Odour control because of complete biodegradation of organic compounds.
  • Generates minimum sludge as most of the waste is converted to carbon dioxide and water.
  • Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic and low quantities of use, making it safe and easy to handle and store.

Applications of Bioclean TM :

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical & Drugs Industry
  • Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry (any type)
  • Tannery Industries
  • Other Industries

Bioclean TM STP – Biogas production enhancement and foaming control of anaerobic digesters

By using Bioclean STP the following benefits are expected in the operation of anaerobic digersters:

  • Increasing biogas production and improvement of Methane content
  • Foaming control

The operational mechanism of the Bioclean STP:

1 ) Increasing biogas production and improvement of Methane content

Figure 1: Processes of anaerobic degradation

Bioclean STP is a microbial complex, bacteria, enzymes, micronutrients and trace elements, developed specifically for the improvement of operational stability and increase the biogas production of anaerobic biogas reactors. The product is highly efficient in improving the speed of all phases of anaerobic degradation.

In chronological order the four phases of the anaerobic digestion process are the following:

  1. Hydrolysis
  2. Fermentation or acidogenesis
  3. Acetogenesis
  4. Methanogenesis

During hydrolysis, the complex molecules with large molecular weight, like lipids, polysaccharides, proteins and nucleic acids, are degraded into less complex compounds like fatty acids, monosaccharides, amino acids and nucleotids. In this phase, the effect of Bioclean STP’s hydrolytic bacteria can be detected primarily at the faster hydrolysis of hardly biodegradable organic macromolecules, as this is the limiting step of the four processes in terms of reaction rate.

During the fermentation, the less complex compounds resulted by hydrolysis are further degraded. Both the electron donors and electron acceptors are organic substances. During the fermentation, through several intermediate products, finally acids, mostly low-carbon-chain carboxylic acids are formed. After that during the acetogenesis, Acetate, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide are produced, which are used in the fourth step by methanogenic bacteria. In biochemical terms, the processes of fermentation and acetogenesis should be treated together. The types of the acidic compounds formed during the fermentation by the acidogenic bacteria are depending on many factors. These factors are temperature, pH, redox potential, the final products of hydrolysis (the types of the acidogenic reaction’s substrates), and the composition of acidogenic microbe population. The composition of the fermentation’s end products is determining the speed of acetogenesis. Fluctuations in the acetogenesis cause fluctuations in the next process, the methanogenesis, because as it has been mentioned earlier, the end products of the acetogenic bacteria are directly used by the methanogens. The carefully selected acidogenic microorganisms of Bioclean STP help the formation of proper, stable, and homogeneous end product composition, fast-metabolising acidogenic microbe population, and as a result of the above, stable, constant acetate-formation will be achieved. It helps to avoid the increase of Hydrogen’s partial pressure, which depresses the acetogenesis. The latter is responsible for the phenomenon when Propionic Acid, Butyric Acid, Ethanol and other foam causing compounds are formed instead of the Acetate.

From the final products of fermentation, methane is formed in two different methabolic pathways during the methanogenesis. The Hydrogen-utilizing methanogenic organisms produce methane using Hydrogen as electron acceptor, and Carbon Dioxide as electron donor, and the Acetoclastic methanogens break the acetate into Carbon Dioxide and Methane. Bioclean STP contains both hydrogen-utilizing and Acetoclastic methanogens, and besides that, the most important criteria during the selection of methanogenic species were the short generation time and the resistence against inhibitory and toxic factors. Summarizing: Bioclean STP enhances the speed and reduces the fluctuation of the process’s fourth phase.

2 ) Foam control

Foaming in a wastewater treatment plant’s digestion towers, and the operational problems due to that are caused by one of the following reasons:

– the quantity of filamentous bacteria count in the excess sludge part of the thickened sludge which is lifted into the digester is significantly high, and during their lysis, surfactants are released into the reactor causing foaming

– the digester is exposed to a toxic shock, which causes a significant cell lysis

– the fermentation and the acetogenesis are not working properly, there are significant fluctuations in the process.

Bioclean STP reduces the foaming of the reactor in each of the three cases, because:

– in case of foaming caused by the lysis of filamentous bacteria, the surfactants and lysed cells that cause the foaming are quickly decomposed by the extracellular esterase and lipase enzymes of the bacteria in Bioclean STP.

– the resistance against toxic and inhibitory loads is higher when the reactor is treated with Bioclean STP, and besides that, in case if constant treatment, the degradation of lysed cells, and surfactans that are released during cell lysis is fast.

Bioclean STP is stabilizing the fermentation and acetogenesis, so the amount of organic compounds that cause foaming are significantly reduced.

Bioclean TM FOG – Effective biodegradation of fat, oil and grease

Bioclean TM FOG consist of multiple strains of tough aerobic and facultative microbes known for their ability to degrade a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons. Each gram of Bioclean TM FOG contains not less than 10 billion of tough bacteria whose only purpose is to biodegrade harmful environmental contaminants into harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water.

Initially complete remediation of oil spills required several years or more. Using Bioclean TM FOG, remediation occurs in a matter of weeks or months giving users multiple benefits. Bioremediation with Bioclean TM FOG is effective as a stand-alone technology or may be used to augment an existing treatment method. The bacteria in Bioclean TM FOG degrade any type of oils. The application of this technology has been extended also for Grease Trap Treatments, wherein the hydrocarbons congeal to form blockage of the lines and traps.

The microorganisms in Bioclean TM FOG are supported on the porous surface of a special inert dry media. This special technology provides them with extraordinary durability against aggressive and toxic mediums. The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and safe.

Bioclean TM FOG is a natural biological product consisting specially selected enzyme producing microorganisms that are suspended in a dormant state. Once exposed to water they will activate and begin their normal life cycle. There is no artificial mutation or genetic engineering involved. Bioclean TM FOG bioremediation has been tested in the laboratory and proven in the field to degrade a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and ground water.

Features of Bioclean TM FOG:

  • Treats all type of surfaces spilled with gasoline, oil and grease.
  • Application can be flexible to concentrate on “specific spots” or a total area.
  • Degrades high and low concentration of petroleum hydrocarbon spills.
  • Contains highly specialized microorganisms.
  • Eliminates slippery build-up on hard surfaces.
  • Bioclean TM FOG can augment existing treatment technologies.
  • Bio-remediates chemical contamination harmful to the environment.
  • 100% biodegradable bacterial cultures.
  • Non-corrosive – will not etch or degrade surfaces.
  • Economical.

Shelf life and Storage:

Bioclean TM FOG has a shelf life of two years from the date of packaging, when stored in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.

Bioclean TM Compost – Highly effective compost accelerator

Composting has been defined as the product of natural degradation of botanical and putrescible waste by the action of bacteria, fungi and other organisms in the presence of an adequate air supply. Composting has been used since man began to plant and harvest for food, when an association between waste products, plant growth and the harvest yield was realised. Different waste products have been used over the centuries that fertilise the soil through the breakdown of waste material known has composting. Although these products have been used extensively the processes involved were not clearly understood until recent years and even today the reactions in the compost pile though understood can be vague.

Features of Bioclean TM Compost:

Bioclean TM Compost contains naturally derived enzymes and saprophytic bacteria originally derived from soil which utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source. It is a unique combination of mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria, molds and yeasts, consisting different types of microbial cultures, all of which occur naturally in soil, but in very small numbers. These microorganisms are not harmful to either aquatic or land plants, birds, animals or humans and have been released all over the world into marine and fresh water lakes, ponds, rivers, municipal sewer lines, drains, septic systems and soil with complete ecological safety.

Benefits of Bioclean TM Compost:

Successful composting relies upon the right microorganism to biodegrade wastes. Bioclean TM Compost is a proprietary blend of high potency live bacterial cultures, enzymes and micronutrients, selected from nature to seed new compost piles with high numbers of environmentally beneficial organisms. When sprinkled onto a new compost pile, the naturally derived enzymes and high efficiency bacteria quickly begin to biodegrade bulk organic debris in the pile, while the special micronutrients blended into Bioclean TM Compost provide these microbes with the trace nutrients needed to accelerate their metabolic cycle. When Bioclean TM Compost is used as a bioseed, organic debris will typically be converted to a rich organic compost within 30 days.

Bioclean TM Lake/Pond Clarifier – Effective bioremediation of lakes and water bodies

The ecological status of water bodies can be determined by two main parameters – phosphorus content and chlorophyll content. Phosphorous is a limiting nutrient for algal growth, which cannot be fixed from atmosphere or any other source. Excessive phosphorus levels, encourages the growth of algae, which is reflected in chlorophyll values. The ecological status therefore can be determined from the concentration of these two factors. Based on phosphorous and Chlorophyll content the lakes are classified as follows.

Analytical Parameters for determining the trophic status of water bodies:

Trophic State
Phosphorus (µg/L)
Chlorophyll (µg/L)
4 – 10
1.0 – 2.5
10 – 35
2.5 – 8.0
35 – 100
8.0 – 25.0
> 100
> 25.0

There are literally millions of different naturally occurring microbes in our world. We have found a way to isolate and create unique products from certain microbes to perform highly specific, beneficial tasks. The microbes in BiocleanTM Lake / Pond Clarifier help restore natural balance in situations where environmental factors have led to unstable and unhealthy water quality conditions.

In many cases chemical treatments are used, but chemical treatment creates anoxic conditions at the bottom leading to even more phosphorous from the sediments. The killing of algae and weeds is temporary. Chemical Treatment cannot remove organic muck from the sediments and Chemicals can be toxic to other aquatic life.

Mode of Action of Bioclean TM Lake / Pond Clarifier:

  1. Degradation of Organics
    Organic Matter ——-> CO 2 + H 2 O
  2. Degradation of Organic Phosphorus
    Organic Phosphorus ——-> CO 2 + H 2 O + PO 4
  3. Immobilization of Phosphorus
    Soluble Phosphate ——-> Insoluble Phosphate
  4. Denitrification of Ammonia and Nitrate Ammonia ——-> Nitrite ——-> Nitrate ——-> Cell mass

Benefits of Bioclean TM Lake / Pond Clarifier:

  • The effective natural way to establish and maintain cleaner pond and lake water without chemicals.
  • The microbes in BiocleanTM Lake / Pond Clarifier help restore natural balance in situations where environmental factors have led to unstable and unhealthy water quality conditions.
  • Bioclean TM Lake / Pond Clarifier is an all-natural, premium bacteria and enzyme product designed to remove green water and reduce sludge.
  • Once applied, it will immediately begin to multiply and work to remove harmful decaying sludge that has accumulated from years of fish waste, dead plants, leaves and many other organic materials, as a result an expensive process, dredging becomes unnecessary for the future.
  • Eliminates pond scum and algae and helps eliminate foul odours.
  • Digests excess organic matter in ponds, lakes.
  • Once the harmful organics and nutrients have been consumed, the by-product of bacterial metabolism is harmless carbon dioxide.
  • Helps maintain Lake/Pond natural eco balance.
  • There are no pathogenic organisms, easy to feed, economical to use.

Applications of Bioclean TM Lake / Pond Clarifier:

  • Lakes
  • Slow Rivers
  • Oxbows
  • Natural & Man-made Water Bodies
  • Stabilization Ponds

Bioclean TM Aqua – Aquaculture, Total Pond Management solutions for the health of aquatic life

Bacteria are the primary decomposers of all organic waste. They have specific functions of degrading an enormous number of compounds both simple and complex. When the right strains are chosen they can even degrade toxic compounds that are man-made or those that are present in nature.

In aquaculture, massive quantities of organic compounds leach out from the feed into the pond water. These organic compounds may be rich in nitrate and phosphate, which disturbs the ecology of the pond by stimulating only certain type of life forms. The microbial communities become unstable. The toxicity of the pond goes up due to the incomplete decomposition of the organic matter. The discharge of faecal matter by the shrimp/fish into the pond adds to the toxicity of the water.

This deterioration of the water quality increases the culture’s susceptibility to stress and disease. The partially decomposed sludge starts breeding certain pathogenic bacteria viz. Vibrio cholera. High amount of toxic wastes induces blue green algae to thrive, and become unstable, the incidence of disease and stunted growth increases, and mortality rates soar.

BiocleanTM Aqua is a proprietary blend of carefully selected naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes and growth stimulating factors. It is a balanced formula of upto 94 different microbial strains, which work synergistically to lower the toxicity level in the pond and create a healthier and more beneficial environment for fish, prawn and shrimp. The toxic pollutants are broken down to non-toxic by-products such as carbon dioxide and water. This is also evident when there will be a remarkable reduction in foul odours in the pond water.

Benefits of Bioclean TM Aqua:

  • Decomposes organic sludge.
  • Reduces ammonia levels, and hence controls algae growth.
  • Stabilizes oxygen levels, so that the animal can breathe easier.
  • Reduces BOD and COD levels.
  • Reduces formation of Hydrogen Sulphide.
  • Prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead planktons.
  • Stabilizes bloom conditions and prevents over-blooming of algae.
  • Suppresses Coliform, Vibrio and Aeromonas Counts.
  • Promotes growth rate and hence production. Increases product weight.
  • Reduces off-flavoured product.
  • Boosts immunity of animal, reduces mortality and improves survival rates.
  • Allows higher stocking rates.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio.
  • Reduces number of days of growth cycle, hence time taken to market is lower.

Bioclean TM Septic – Effective bio-solutions for septic tanks

Professionals in the area of plumbing and pumping have long known the problems and the difficulties to drain lines and treatment systems caused by fats, oils and greases. Buildups of these nasty substances obstruct and eventually clog the drainage systems. Septic tanks’ and wastewater collector pits’ odour problems and fatty sludge buildups in walls and bottoms are well known problems as well. Besides these systems have poor ability to treat the raw wastewater.

Naturally occurring microorganism in Bioclean TM Septic can be introduced directly into the system. The microorganism actually feeds on the wastes and eliminates them from the environment. Bioclean TM Septic is a natural biological product consisting specially selected enzyme producing microorganisms that are suspended in a dormant state. Bioclean TM Septic is unsurpassed as a safe, natural method for digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic build-up from pipes, tanks and leach drains. It helps ensure the optimum efficiency of your septic system. Naturally, this technology eliminates the need for expensive and potentially dangerous chemicals. The cost of a regular monthly maintenance program is a small price to pay to help to protect your septic system and your environment.

The microbes in Bioclean TM Septic are specially selected to digest the things that clog up your septic system and adversely affect the environment like, detergents, fats, oils & grease (FOG), proteins, paper, starch – total organic carbon (TOC) . Bioclean TM Septic microbes are selectively adapted to tolerate exposure to household pollutants. Ordinary microbes can be in capacitated by the continual onslaught of modern chemicals. Bioclean TM Septic is a multiple strain formulation with a high microbe count, which provides powerful, broad-spectrum capabilities far greater than any enzymatic or chemical product on the market today.

Advantages of Bioclean TM Septic:

  • Restores biologic health of the septic systems naturally.
  • Eliminates foul odors emanating from the septic system.
  • Bioclean TM Septic biodegrades organic blockages in drain field lines, gravel leach pits and porous stone pit walls.
  • Keeps septic lines and drain fields cleaner with reduced carryover of undigested organic pollutants.
  • Reduce septic tank pump-outs.
  • Operational savings are perhaps the greatest product benefit, preventing messy drainage & treatment system clogs, costly downtime and major repairs.
  • Microbial digestion by Bioclean TM Septic is the simplest and cleanest way to reduce your septic tank waste.

Directions for Use:

250 gm of Bioclean TM Septic is used for 5000 Liters/month to keep the system trouble free. All applications of Bioclean TM Septic require it to be flushed down plumbing outlets at night with water. When emptying the septic tank the dose should be added the next day after pump- out.

Shelf life and Storage:

Bioclean TM Septic has a shelf life of two years from the date of packaging, when stored in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.

Magic Gro – More crop, healthier plants

The soil supporting today’s agriculture activities is lacking sufficient microbial activity to promote healthy plant growth. This is due primarily to an over reliance on pesticides to control disease and insect infestation. These synthetic chemicals also destroy non-target organisms, namely the essential bacteria and microbes found in healthy soil. Beneficial microorganisms are necessary to promote healthy, vigorous plant growth. When microbial population is depleted the plant growth system becomes stressed giving rise to a myriad of problems. Magic-gro is an all natural product with unique microbial systems as a response to this problem.

Features of Magic-gro

The key ingredient in Magic-gro is a proprietary microbial system with unique properties like helping soil to establish beneficial microbes by providing certain unique nitrogen fixing, phosphorus solubilizing, and plant growth hormone producing natural microbes. It is not only how many bacteria but also the type and functionality of the bacteria that is very important for overall plant growth. These microbes are able to extract nutrients from the mineral part of the soil and eventually pass the nutrients on to plants.

Magic-gro is not a substitute for fertilizer. Fertilizer provides N, P and K essential for plant growth. Magic-gro facilitates availability of essential ingredients e.g. vitamins, amino acids, plant growth hormones, micro nutrients, plant stress relievers and essential microbes to improve over all plant conditions.

Benefits of Magic-gro

  • Promotes conversion of soil elements including phosphorus, into plant available forms.
  • Increases resistance to plant diseases.
  • Revitalizes the soil. Helps decompose soil organics.
  • Biodegradable and not harmful to the soil.
  • Increases soil buffering properties by increasing humus level.
  • Chelates metal ions in alkaline conditions, increasing plant availability.
  • Stimulates plant growth by naturally accelerating cell division.
  • Increases seed germination and viability.
  • Stimulates root growth, thus increasing root density.
  • Increases root respiration.
  • Stimulates plant enzymes.
  • Helps reduce fertilizer load.
  • Helps reduce dependence on chemical applications.
  • Better quality and yield.
  • Helps faster flowering and faster fruiting.
  • Completely organic.


  • Ornamental plants.
  • Floriculture.
  • Lawn and Turf
  • Nut Trees
  • Fruit Trees
  • Berries
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Garden Vegetables
  • Roots and Tubers
  • Others (Tobacco, sugarcane, medicinal plants and herbs, etc.)

Directions for use

Magic-gro can be applied to any plant life depending upon the situation. It can be applied by mixing with water and spraying for foliar application and root application.

  1. For any product to perform at its optimum level, a proper application rate at the appropriate time is necessary. If the product is applied on a late or a cloudy day, it would have stronger activity than on a bright sunny day. The product is most effective when we spray during dusk or morning hours.
  2. Avoid pesticide or insecticide application before and after 72 hours of Magic-gro application .
  3. Mix Magic-gro with plain water and apply.
  4. Store the product in a cool place away from sunlight.
  5. The results obtained are better when Magic-gro is used right from the young stages of the plant