About us

In the dawn of the new Millennium the most challenging task for mankind is to protect the surface waters from pollution. Due to industrial boom and growth of civilization the pollutant load of the rivers and lakes becomes higher and higher all the time. Wastewater Treatment Plants usually don’t treat the raw wastewater perfectly and also fail to meet the norms set by the laws. Although biological wastewater treatment technologies has significantly improved throughout the past decades, the activated sludge itself which has a key role in every technology was missed out of the focus of interest. Maybe the cause of this fact is the complexity and division of the microorganisms existing in the sludge, as it is known no activated sludge are the same. Optimization by adjusting the activated sludge can increase the wastewater treatment plant’s capacity, and can significantly improve effluent quality without high investments.

In the meantime oxbows and lakes are endangered by not just municipal pollution but also by the slowly but constantly penetrating fertilizers from the surrounding agricultural lands. As a result of these events the ecological balance of the still waters becomes upset which leads to the overgrowth of algae and water plants, excess sludge production, decrease in dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration, deterioration of water quality and in advanced stage it could result death of the water animals. Bioremediation of these surface waters is a common goal for all in order to boost the country’s attraction in tourism, and leave a cleaner and healthier environment for our successors.

Malatech Water Ltd. was established in January 2006 by professional Wastewater Engineers who look at Environmental Protection as their own mission.

For all of our biotechnological product lines, such as BioClean and BioGuarde, Malatech Water Ltd. is the European Master Distributor. The primary rule of the company is to solve the environmental and wastewater problems effectively in an ALL NATURAL way without using artificial products such as chemicals, genetically modified organisms, any other products which contains other pollutants or are destructive to health either for human or the environment.

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Szabolcs Malaczkó
Managing Director